Skydive Uluru
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or +61 450 337 951
***Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Skydive Uluru will not operate until further notice. You can call 0450337951 for further information***

-Why should I choose Skydive Uluru instead of another skydiving location?
*We are proud to be the only skydive centre offering a landing on Australian red dirt!
*We are open all year round with perfect weather conditions, very rare cancellations!
*We combine a scenic flight with views of Uluru AND a skydive!
*We take only 2 people at a time in the plane for a personalised and reassuring experience!
*It will only take a couple of hours of your time, no need to wait for your turn!

-How do I get there?
Scheduled flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, and Alice Springs. And starting in 2019... From Darwin and Adelaide!
Via road on the Lasseter Highway, departure from Ayers Rock Resort.

-If I book a skydive for a single, does it mean I am jumping on my own?
We only offer Tandem Skydiving, this means each passenger jump with a professional skydiving instructor. We will not let you jump alone if you are not a qualified and experienced skydiver.
Booking for a "single" means that you are booking for one person only to go skydiving with one tandem instructor - aka "Group of 1"
Booking for a "pair/couple", means that you are booking for 2 passengers at once, and therefore 2 tandem instructors - aka "Group of 2"
Your harness will be hooked to your tandem instructor and he/she will be the one opening the parachute. You just need to relax and enjoy!

-How long in advance do I need to book?

Please book prior to your arrival in Ayers Rock Resort to ensure availabilities. We recommend at least 2 weeks prior to preferred date.

-What is the best time of the day to jump?
Sunrise and Sunset are the most popular times due to the amazing light on Uluru and its surroundings.
Please book prior arrival in Ayers Rock Resort to save a spot as we have only 2 spots available per sunrise or sunset!

-What time of the year is the weather best to go skydiving?
We are incredibly lucky out here in Central Australia. Weather conditions are perfect 99% of the time to go skydiving. This is why we are open all year round. However, we haven't figured out yet how to guarantee good weather on the day of your skydive. We highly recommend to pick your date according to other criterias than the weather.

-How long does the tour last for?
Please allow 2 hours from pick up to drop off at your accommodation. This includes the drive the airport, time to do paperwork, safety briefing, theory, scenic flight, free fall, parachute ride and drive back to your accommodation.

-Can my family and friends come to watch me?
You can bring up to 2 spectators with you in our vehicle. They will stay with our ground crew and be able to watch your landing. If your friends and family have their own vehicle, they can follow our vehicle to the airport and then to the landing area. We don't charge extra fee for spectators.

-Can I take my GoPro with me?
According to National Operational Regulations O.R. 9.7.2 “a parachutist must not carry a camera during a descent unless the parachutist holds at least a Certificate Class C’”
If you don’t hold this certificate, you are not allowed to take your GoPro or any device with you during a skydive in Australia.
You can purchase a HD Video&Photo package of your jump on the day of skydiving.

-I want to book a jump but I would like to decide later if I wish to purchase the HD Video&Photo package, is it possible?
You can purchase any add-on on the day of skydiving, prior to your jump.
Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Cash accepted.

-What should I wear?
In winter (June, July, August), please bring a long sleeve jumper as it can be very cold up the the air, especially at sunrise. Long confortable pants, avoid jeans. Lace-up shoes like runners.
In summer: T-Shirt (with short sleeves, avoid singlets), confortable shorts. Lace-up shoes. Please no thongs/flip flops nor sandals.
We provide overpants, goggles and gloves.

-What is the weight limit? Level of fitness required?
Our weight limit is 95kg. If you are over, it doesn't mean you cannot jump. If you are over 95kg, please let us know at the time of booking and we will check other criterias directly with you.
If you weight over 95kg and it has been decided with the qualified staff members that it is safe to go skydiving, extra fee will apply.
Basic level of fitness is required, enough so you can lift your legs up for landing.

-Do I need a medical certificate to go skydiving?
If you are fit and healthy, you do not need a medical certificate to go skydiving. If you are pregnant of if you have any medical condition, this must be discussed with Skydive Uluru staff prior to the jump.

-What is the age limit?
Minimum age is 12. There is no maximum age. If you are over 75 years old, please let us know prior to your skydive at the time of booking.

-Can I keep my glasses during the experience?
Yes you can. We can provide goggles that go over your glasses. Dependig on the size of your glasses, this might feel uncomfortable, please bring contact lenses if this can be an alternative to your glasses.

-What if I have to cancel my skydive?
We take a non-refundable $100 per person for each booking. If you cancel your booking within 7 days prior to your skydive, 50% cancellation fee apply. If you cancel within 48 hours prior to your skydive, 100% cancellation fee apply.

-What if I wish to reschedule my skydive?
We can issue a non-dated voucher if you wish to reschedule your skydive within a year if you advise us at 48 hours prior to your skydive. If you advise us within 48 hours prior to your skydive your deposit will be void.

-I am a solo skydiver, can I do a fun jump at Uluru?
You are welcome but we need to know more about your experience and qualifications. Please contact us via Facebook Messenger (Skydive Uluru) or call us on (+61) 0450 337 951. Let us know how many jumps you have done and what licence you hold. You must be registered at the Australian Parachute Federation. We do not hire parachutes, you must have your own gear.

-Do you pick up from Alice Springs?
460km away? Sorry, no...

Rock the sky! If you only jump once… jump with Skydive Uluru!


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